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Sedation Dentistry In Festus & Columbia

If you’re nervous about an upcoming dental appointment at Williamson Dental, we’re here to help. Dr. Nathan Williamson specializes in sedation dentistry. We can provide sedation to patients during almost any appointment. Whether you’re a bit nervous about a dental cleaning or you’re scheduled for a tooth extraction, we’re here to help. Schedule an appointment now to learn more about our sedation dentistry services in Festus and Columbia.

Laughing gas sedation

When is Sedation Used

In Dentistry?

Sedation is used in dentistry whenever a patient is anxious, nervous, or just wants to relax during an appointment. It’s more common during treatments like tooth extractions and root canal therapy. However, we can offer sedation for almost any appointment, including fillings and even routine checkups.

With sedation, even the most anxious patients can relax and get the dental care they need for a healthy mouth. Sedation is also appropriate for patients of all ages, from kids to teens, adults, and seniors. 

dentist shaping a tooth

Comfort With Fewer Side Effects

Laughing Gas Sedation

Laughing gas sedation is a great option if you want to relax during your appointment. Dr. Wiliamson will use a nose mask to pump a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) into your lungs. 

You’ll feel relaxed, a bit disconnected from events that are happening around you, and more comfortable. Laughing gas also helps eliminate discomfort and inhibits your gag reflex. Best of all, it wears off really quickly. Within 5 minutes after your appointment, you’ll feel normal, though you may have some slight after-effects. You can drive home, or even go back to work or school.

Rest During Your Appointment 

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation uses pill-based sedatives that are taken before your appointment. It offers a deeper level of sedation. However, it takes 4-6 hours or longer for it to wear off after your appointment. You can’t drive to and from our office, and will need someone to care for you. You should not go back to work or school. Plan to take the day off.

Once the sedative takes effect, you’ll feel really sleepy and groggy. You may even fall asleep during your appointment at Williamson Dental. It’s also likely that you’ll forget most of your procedure after it’s over. After your appointment is over, you’ll be sent home to rest and relax. Oral conscious sedation tends to have some more intense after-effects compared to laughing gas, such as dizziness, confusion, nausea, and impaired reflexes.

Benefits of Getting

Sedation at the dentist

The biggest benefit of sedation at the dentist is comfort. With sedation, any patient can get the dental care they need for a healthy mouth, even if they're scared or anxious about seeing the dentist. With our patient-focused approach and expertise in dental sedation, Dr. Williamson and our team will take great care of you.

Sedation dentistry also can help eliminate discomfort, along with local numbing. It impairs the gag reflex, and can also help with things like fear of needles. In some cases, it also helps Dr. Williamson perform your treatment more quickly. This is particularly true for kids, who will be less likely to move around and shift during their appointments.

Is Dental Sedation Safe?

Yes. The drugs used for dental sedation have been used for decades, and our team is fully trained in sedation dentistry best practices. Before you’re sedated, Dr. Williamson will meet with you to discuss your medical history and make sure you can be sedated safely. And during your appointment, our team will keep a close eye on you to make sure that everything is proceeding normally. You can trust us to deliver top-notch sedation dentistry in Festus and Columbia.

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