Full Mouth Rehab
in Festus

Treatment for Damaged & Missing Teeth

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Festus

If you have multiple missing or damaged teeth due to oral neglect, dental injuries, or periodontal disease, full mouth rehabilitation from Williamson Dental can help you get your smile back. At Williamson Dental, we can use multiple treatments to restore damaged teeth, replace your missing teeth, and provide you with a healthy bite and a beautiful smile.

  • Stay Comfortable- We offer sedation to keep you comfortable during oral surgeries and treatments like extractions, implant placement, and crown preparation.
  • Treatment on Your Terms- We’ll consult with you to develop a customized treatment plan based on your budget, timeframe, and preferences.
  • Advanced Technology- We use the latest dental techniques and technology, like digital x-rays, to diagnose all of your oral health issues and ensure that you get the proper care during full mouth rehabilitation.
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Restoring Damaged Smiles & Missing Teeth

The Basics of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The term “full mouth rehabilitation” is used to refer to any series of treatments that repairs and restores most or all of your teeth. This could include restoring multiple infected or decayed teeth, extracting and replacing multiple teeth with dental implants, or replacing failed fillings or crowns.

The specifics of full mouth rehabilitation vary quite a bit based on your oral health. No two patients are the same, so you will work with our doctors to develop a customized treatment plan that accommodates your needs, budget, and schedule.

Know Your Options

Candidates for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

You are likely a good candidate for full mouth rehabilitation if you are suffering from a number of dental issues such as large fillings that may be failing, extensive decay, periodontal disease, cracked or broken teeth due to oral trauma, or worn-down teeth that have been damaged by bruxism or acid reflux (GERD).

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What Full Mouth Rehabilitation Involves

The Treatment Process

Your treatment process will depend on the extent of your oral health issues and the particulars of your case. The objective of a full mouth rehabilitation is to restore both the natural function and aesthetic appeal of your smile. This means that both cosmetic and restorative treatments may be used.

The most commonly used treatments for full-mouth rehabilitation include dental fillings, dental crowns, veneers, dentures, and dental implants (single-tooth and full-mouth). During your consultation, our doctors will help you understand which treatments may be right for your case.

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